A word from the Team at Moffat

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A word from the Team at Moffat

Published by NZChefs Plate in Well Being · 17 April 2020
Moffat’s Stuart Murray is proud to have seen and been a small part of the Foodservice Industry throughout his various roles in the company. From his home base near Christchurch, Stuart offers some reflections and thoughts on the present conditions.

We are conscious at this time that so many in the industry, in all areas, are hugely impacted by this COVID virus condition, and none of us are free from the consequences- which will be felt for some time.  

Over the past nearly 40 years I have lived and worked in NZ, UK, USA – with home base now being NZ; as GM Sales and Group Export Manager, leading the customer facing resources of the business including Customer Service, Spare Parts, Technical Support and Sales both in NZ and Internationally.
Over this time  - I have seen many events which have challenged our industry  - including prior Recessions, Y2K, terror attacks, wars and natural disasters including the Christchurch Earthquakes.

Many people have many prophecies about what the industry will become. I am not so clever as to make predictions- other than to say this.
The industry and those in it are incredibly resilient, courageous and creative. They constantly reinvent, adapt and overcome. They deal with the unexpected and the unplanned.  

I think we do expect the other side of this to look different in many ways - and that means we will be focussed on what we do  - which is listen to the needs of the customer and offer solutions to their problems and obstacles.
Known for its NZ based design and manufacturing of Turbofan, Blue Seal and Waldorf, commercial foodservice and bakery equipment Moffat also distributes technology brands like Convotherm and Merrychef, Friginox and others.

From NZ, Moffat reaches out to the world and supplies its products into all segments of the industry, from Healthcare, Aged Care, 4 and 5 star Hotels and Restaurants, to Convenience and Cafes, through Institutional and special projects arena..

I have been trying to use this time in isolation to reflect on my career in this industry and to remember the interactions with those who have shaped and influenced who I have become today. I have been fortunate to be in a business serving the industry by providing many of the tools through which the culinary teams generate and serve their food product. NZ Chefs, Culinary arts development, and associations are a valued mechanism to bring the industry together.

In the early 80’s – we began sponsorship of the Salon Culinaire and NZ Chef of the Year, which often was based around a magic box competition. This was at a time where NZ was just starting to emerge on the world stage and take their careers global. Preparation for competitions meant pairing experienced chefs with young apprentices, creating a blend of developed skills and knowledge with enthusiasm and creativity.

Perhaps that’s the mindset shift we need  - to prepare and listen  - and then see what ingredients we have to work with when we open the lid on the box. I cant wait to see how our industry interprets the opportunity– but I know one thing for sure  - It is certainly up for the challenge!
Stay Safe and Well
The Team at Moffat NZ

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