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Young Culinarian of the Year Zachariah Meads

My journey in the hard, heavy intoxicated culinary and hospitality life started in 2014 when I enrolled in my first of 3 years of culinary studies.
During those first 3 years I won as many medals as one should in their 2-3 years of polytechnic studies. Overworking myself to the bone, between work, studies and training, I was spread as thinly as I like my hot English mustard on a beef sandwich. But hey, you only live once, aint that right – sleep comes when you are dead.

NZChefs Plate Issue 89
NZChefs Plate Issue 89
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Auckland hospitality and cookery school Ignite Colleges has joined forces with a group of Auckland high schools to raise money for Kiwi kids with cancer

Chef Phil Clark wins International ‘Best Ōra King Dish’ Award with his ‘Ocean, Seabed, Land and Rivers’

Earlier this year, Clark was named as a semi-finalist for the Ōra King Salmon Awards, with the theme of ‘Sustain’.
NZChefs Plate Issue 89
NZChefs Plate Issue 89

Vegetable of the Month

Asparagus originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and was a favourite of the Greeks and Romans who used it as a medicine.

2019 Top Trends

Updating the always-popular bruschetta can be a challenge. A new take replaces fresh basil with a sprinkle of forest-green basil flavour crystals. The dish is now modern, colourful and signature.
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